Zaynura Ruzehaji



Being dubbed an ‘arty one’ since childhood, Zaynura’s zeal for art and design eventually led her to pursue an education in applied arts. While obtaining her Bachelor of Applied Arts,Zaynura received the deans merit award two years in a row, a distinction reserved for the top 15% students of the University of South Australia’s, School of Arts. Despite her academic success in applied arts, her creative pursuits followed a different direction soon after completing her degree. Zaynura obtained a Helpmann Academy grant to create digitally manipulated artwork for a solo Fringe exhibition, and from this experience, she discovered that her true passion was digital rendering and graphic design.

Currently, Zaynura works full time in office administration and desktop publishing, but also freelances and runs a successful microblog in her spare time. She has recently developed an interest in experimental photography, as well as typography. As a self-confessed ‘typography geek’, her present graphic design work focuses on creating captivating typographical posters, featuring beautiful quotes from inspirational figures. Most predominantly her work features words by Rumi, from whom she finds is a constant source of wisdom. She endeavours to lead a creative life which reflect’s Rumi’s words – “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”

You can find some of her work here: