Yusuf Islam


Change Makers, Creatives

Also known as Cat Stevens, he has been in the music industry since the early 1970s, and has sold over 40 million records. In the mid-’90s Yusuf Islam founded his own label, Mountain of Light, on which he released spoken-word albums. The albums A Is for Allah (2000) and I Look, I See (2003) contain songs for children in addition to spoken pieces. He followed those with the concert disc A Night of Remembrance: Live at the Royal Albert Hall. In 2000 Yusuf Islam, who has supported humanitarian efforts in Bosnia, oversaw the release of a Stevens retrospective and began to resurface in the music press. Twenty-eight years after he left the major-label pop world as Cat Stevens, he returned on Atlantic Records as Yusuf Islam with An Other Cup (Number 52, 2006), a set of folk-pop songs that hearkened back to his pop-star days but with clear religious messages. He continues to release religious albums and music for children independently.

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Bio source: Rolling Stone