You’re Never Too Old to Start Something New


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Ever had a rad idea but dismissed it because you think you’re too old to be starting a new venture? Well, stop being so negative and just give your idea a chance to breath… Can you imagine a world without the Super Mario Brothers? Fusajiro Yamauchi couldn’t, so he created Nintendo at age 30.

Designers will be forever grateful to John Warnock for creating Adobe at age 40, and where would we be without the oh so humble Rolls Royce? Henry Royce didn’t think his idea of creating a luxury car at age 43 was too crazy.

What was that? You still think they are in the youngish bracket and life has already passed you by? Well, I’d be completely lost with out my Adidas trainers, so thank you Adofl Dassler for creating the sweetest foot bling to ever cover my crusty toes at the ripe old age of 48.

Andy Warhol would just be some lame unknown painter if Joseph Campbell thought his idea of creating Campbell Soup was stupid… He was 52!

Still not convinced? Well, Charles Flint started IBM at the merry old age of 61…

If any of these old codgers gave in and thought they were to old to start something new, then we wouldn’t have some of the cool things we have today.

So what do you have to loose? Have an idea? Then go for it. Who knows, one day you might be living it up with all the other successful geriatrics, relaxing on a private yacht somewhere in the Caribbean enjoying truffle laced caviar, freshly shucked oysters that were harvested from the underbelly of an endangered species of whale, along with platters of rare tropical fruit that only grows on a remote island, accessible only by riding orphaned sea turtles during the mating season.

My point: Be brave. Give it a go.


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