Wage Beauty


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A hummingbird for change once told us: when beginning any conversation, it is wise to define the words you will use versus assuming you and your audience hold a shared definition. This wisdom guides every conversation we have, be it with families, change makers, or loved ones. So allow us to use it as well to invite you into what we mean by: A Personal Guide to Social Good.


A great conversation starter with any person is “what do you take personal?” The short answer, many things. The story answer is this: a mixed childhoods of wounds and dreams led several little humans who had never met to fall in love with healing,the human heart, fierce vulnerability, radical compassion, and a world where the exquisite value of a single life could be scaled up to include the entire species.


SOCIAL GOOD is a word used by many, defined by few. At the core, the word good means to benefit. In a world where people are often pitted against one another and told to compete for love or resources, we believe in a form of creativity and innovation that benefits more than ourselves, but as many as possible.


BEAUTY, quite simply, is the belief that one has value by the simple nature that one is a human being. That we are created with rights, as well as responsibilities. That if our imagination was set free from the limited systems and stories we are imprisoned within, we would invent innovative ways to laugh and to live. What could be more beautiful than that?


More than a phrase, WAGE BEAUTY is shorthand for a philosophy that believes in advancing social good in personal and profound ways. Now that we’ve answered that, let’s go to the next question: “WHO is WAGE BEAUTY?” 

The answer to that is: many people. One of them (we hope) is you.