Tyson Amir


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Born and bred in the Bay Area is the creative, Tyson Amir. He is a rapper with poignant cadence, enlightening lyrics, and music with enough heart and soul to cross over generations. He is also a poet, song writer, label owner, designer, educator, and lover of humanity. Each one of these layers are intricately involved in this man’s drive for purpose.

His recent album, aptly named Purpose, is a ‘coming to’ from a long musical journey. A hip hop gospel that embodies the realization of what he has known from an early age; music is his purpose. As a kid, he and his friends held up “will rap for food” signs. One would rap, the other would make a beat, and they’d all reap the reward. Since adolescence, he has been delivering stark truths over tight beats.

The wisdom in his lyrics, social consciousness, and story-telling abilities can be attributable to his upbringing: his father was a Black Panther and his mother, an avid reader. His SJSU education majoring in African American Studies and Comparative Religion also explains his dive into deep lyrical content. In the track “We So Fly” he spits the line “colloquial speech from the tongues of blacks… cotton fields where the masters used to crack our backs/that’s where my soul was born at.”

He is inspired by music with strong messages that speak to the heart, but also make you move. Genres from Latin to funk, artists like Sam Cook, Nina Simone, James Brown, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, and Black Thought are among his influences.

Tyson’s older song “One World” is manifested in his life as his time outside of music is spent tutoring youth, as well as teaching incarcerated men and women in the San Francisco Unified School District. In addition to that, a portion of his album proceeds will be donated to Warrick Dunn Charities (www.wdc.com) and Children of the Night (www.childrenofthenight.org) in an effort to support those who have found their purpose in serving others.

If a purpose is what he has, if having a purpose is the message he wants to share, he has achieved that in his relentlessly reflective poetry. He does all of this with heart and soul. Unselfishly sharing his gift with the world and loving it dearly in the process.

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