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You might have already heard about Ramadan Legacy (or maybe you’ve already downloaded it!), the app that was released in 2015 with the promise of enhancing your Ramadan experience. Well, it appears to have done just that for over one hundred and fifty thousand users from around the world.

From being featured at the World Islamic Economic Forum 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, to the Silicon Valley App Festival, and being identified as a “trending digital company” in the Global Islamic Economy Report published by Thomson Reuters — Ramadan Legacy has been a real success story. It shows the positive impact that a group of ambitious individuals may have when they come together and approach Ramadan from a digital perspective.

Ramadan Legacy’s success can be attributed not only to the beautiful and practical design, but also to their dedication to solve one clear problem. “We wanted to sustain and elongate that feeling of heightened spirituality that is often concentrated to within one month only,” said Shahbaz Mirza, the founder of Ramadan Legacy.


The inspiration behind the app came when the founder, Shahbaz, launched a successful e-book called The Ramadan Action Plan which was downloaded tens of thousands of times. This motivated him to create a team of strategists, creatives, and coders (based in Scotland btw), to form the tech startup, with the desire to seamlessly integrate Islamic practice within a Muslim’s daily lifestyle – where smartphones inevitably play an important role. Shahbaz commented that “Muslims are turning to their smartphones for guidance and connectivity. Ramadan Legacy provides an authentic and seamless way to enhance and capture your Ramadan experience.”

Some cool features that make Ramadan Legacy functional and unique include the opening step of asking you what your personal aspirations are for Ramadan, which the app then takes on board and encourages you to achieve them through reminders. It also features a daily step-by-step action plan, allowing you to record your daily worship activities from tracking daily prayers to learning authentic verses of Islamic knowledge. If you’re a Ramadan newbie, or want to refresh you Ramadan knowledge, the app also comes with a knowledge library with lots of tips and guides to help you get the most out of fasting.


Another great feature is the Ramadan Legacy Timeline, this captures all your activities and creates a visual representation of your Ramadan achievements. Imagine being able to look back and see all the religious practices you were able to establish and sustain (inshaAllah) over the years, creating a connection between each Ramadan.

Ramadan Legacy also enables users to share their Ramadan experiences via the social stream. This feature became a greatly positive space, enabling socialised learning and support, creating a sense of community between the Ramadan Legacy users – some of whom formed smaller groups to continue their connection even after Ramadan.


The tech director Sarah commented that, “despite confidently practicing and living our faith, Muslims are very isolated – we tend to shy away from talking about or sharing aspects of our faith and our experiences. Apps like Ramadan Legacy help Muslims discover other Muslims so that we can get to know each other. So that a Muslim from Hong Kong can discover a Muslim from Russia and a Muslim from Brazil can discover a Muslim from Scotland and so on. If we connect our minds and our hearts together, then we will feel more united. The more we learn about others’ lived experiences of Islam, the more open minded we will become”.

Ramadan Legacy has a simple mission: to serve the Muslim world during Ramadan. “In future, we’d love to expand our language options to Malaysian, Arabic, French, and Indonesian to cater to our Muslim brothers and sisters who speak them languages. We also want to expand our product range to further enhance the overall Ramadan experience for Muslims.”


Moving beyond Ramadan, the team behind Ramadan Legacy are continually working hard on future app and tech ideas catering to the unique needs of a Muslim’s lifestyle, “we have a desire to create beautiful and unique interactive learning experiences for Muslims around the world.”

You can download the Ramadan Legacy app here, in preparation for this year’s Ramadan!

The team is also looking for talented and like-minded individuals to join as interns, sponsors, or potential partners. If you’re interested in learning more, you can visit their official website here.



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