The Brothahood



The Brothahood use hip-hop as a tool to break down stereotypes and misconceptions. They’ve created a whole new theme to the Australian hip hop scene whilst maintaining hip hop’s core essence: taught and intelligent rhymes and production skills that are sharp and always on point.

Disillusioned with modern hip-hop’s celebration of gun play and misogyny, the Brothahood tracks are reflections on real life and on the struggles of real people who are deemed ‘outsiders’ by their society.

The results are socially conscious tracks such as The Silent Truth – which topped the JJJ Unearthed Hip Hop Chart in 2007 – in which Brothahood members Jehad, Moustafa, Hesh and Timur describe everyday life in Australia post-September 11 and Cronulla:

“From beer I refrain / Prayers I maintain/ Can’t get on a plane without copping all the blame/ People can’t ya see that we are all the same? / Children of Adam but playing the blame game.”

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