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A Curator, Consultant and prominent activist, Tasneem Chopra’s passion for addressing social justice issues has embraced many platforms.

Named the Woman of the Year at the 2013 Australian Muslim Achievement awards, Tasneem has previously been listed in the Age Magazine’s 2008 top 100 Melbourne “Movers & Shakers” and in 2009 was listed as one of Australia’s “top 10 thinkers” in the Australian Magazine’s Emerging 100 Leaders series.

May 2013 Tasneem Chopra was invited to present at TEDxMelbourne where she spoke to the issue of defeating stereotypes. This mindset has set the benchmark for the trajectory her career has enjoyed to date.

In 2013 she also successfully curated the highly acclaimed Melbourne component of the ‘Faith Fashion Fusion‘ exhibition at Melbourne’s Immigration Museum, following the showcase at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum. This landmark exhibition celebrates Australian Muslim women’s style and identity. Tasneem profiled four emerging fashion designers and four successful women in Melbourne who have contributed to the fabric of broader society.

In February 2014, Tasneem made her writing debut, authoring a chapter “How I happened” in the anthology “Coming of Age: Growing Up Muslim in Australia”, published by Allen and Unwin. As a contributing author, she has been invited to present on a series of panels at the 2014 Byron Bay Writers Festival.

Her engagement in community activism traverses a cross-section of welfare, enterprise and international development sectors. As Chairperson of the Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights (AMWCHR), she has long represented Muslim women’s welfare concerns to grassroots and government agencies. She is also Chairperson to the board of Lentil As Anything, a unique not for profit community enterprise and restaurant, premised on the human capacity for kindness to progress society.

Tasneem has a Masters in International Development and an academic background in psychology and sociology. These have informed her appointment as an Ambassador toPossible Dreams International Inc, a nonprofit organisation based in Swaziland designed to empower communities affected by endemic disease, poverty and malnutrition. Further, Tasneem was invited to the board of Global Reconciliation, an NGO promoting reconciliation across national, cultural, religious and racial differences.

In 2014 Tasneem commenced training with Heath Anthropology, to encourage and facilitate education, research, advocacy and discussion between health professionals and social scientists. She has also been appointed Program Convenor for Latrobe University’s Centre for Dialogue, where she will oversee their 2014 Muslim Leadership Program.

An independent Cross Cultural Consultant, Tasneem delivers acclaimed workshops on diversity, identity and racism to varied audiences from Supreme Court judges to kindergarten teachers. For her work in this field, Tasneem was acknowledged by the Australian Magazine as one of the nation’s ‘Top Ten Thinkers’ in its Emerging 100 Leaders series of 2009.

Via Tasneem’s consultancy and activism, she is a highly sought after media pundit (hyperlink) with interviews conducted for newspapers, radio and television, including appearances on The Project, The Today Show’, 7:30, Stateline, Insight, ABC24, Salam Cafe as well as over fifty radio interviews nationally and internationally. Her written contributions have also featured in The Herald Sun, The Age, Crikey and several online editorial platforms. In 2013 she was the subject of an in depth profile in the October edition of the ‘Melbourne Review’(hyperlink).

Tasneem maintains her personal and professional experience inform her broader outlook on our social landscape where she advocates for social change and justice, particularly as these issues impact upon the disadvantaged and minorities.
“Meaningful change in people’s lives is best achieved when they’re empowered with the agency to do so. Not as apologists, but activists” she says.

Check out her work and stay connected with her via her website.