Syafiq Zane



Syafiq Zane is a world renowned Chef, Patron, Gastronomist and Entrepreneur whose pursuit of self-advancement took him across the globe in a journey to perfect his culinary arts. It was as a result of his rigorous training at the prestigious 3 Michelin Star establishment Jean Georges in New York City, that Chef Syafiq founded F.I.Q’s in his desire to create beautiful, delectable dishes, all of which are incorporated into his unique menus. F.I.Q stands for Food, Innovation and Quality, an acronym that all together represents the foundation Chef Syafiq has built his restaurant on and commitment to not only satisfy the hunger for food but also the hunger for excellence in the field of culinary science.

To Syafiq, exquisite food isn’t reserved just for black ties and fancy dresses. His welcoming contemporary setting at F.I.Q will put you at ease and allow you to experience casual dining at its finest. In F.I.Q’s open-kitchen concept, they craft all of their dishes with creativity and sophisticated composition of high quality, fresh ingredients. From bread to pasta, each plate we serve is passionately made from scratch in an observable environment that will surely intrigue and entertain you.

F.I.Q’s Gastronomy will bring you the quintessence of affordable quality food and gratifying flavours that will move, entice and excite you to join them on a wonderful gastronomical journey. “We welcome you to our food revolution.”

To learn more please visit F.I.Q’s website.