Shazet has been taking his originality and creative sounds to the new-school beatboxing scene ever-since the age of fifteen, especially in South-East Asia. He hails from Penang, Malaysia and got his big break after winning Beatbox Melbourne Championship 2008 in Australia. He has then performed for various events, mainly in Malaysia, Cambodia, Australia, & Germany and represented Malaysia in the Beatbox World Championship 2009 that was hosted in Berlin, Germany. His recent victory that he became the 2010 Malaysia Beatbox Champion and still wanting to win more championships and competition, reason is to sharpen his ability in mouth music.

Shazet’s success has acquired him numerous fans and compliments like Kevin Yeoh featuring him as JUICE’s Top 10 Breaking Local Acts of 2009 in Malaysia alongside other artists like Yuna and Schizzow. Founder of Beatbox Australia, MadMastaC claims that Shazet is the best beatboxer in Australia and the ‘World’s Best Beatboxer’ by Pepouni (Swissbeatbox).

Don’t be shocked that Shazet will be presenting his visual arts onto canvas, blocks, walls, books, comics and games. His passion in art and live drawing made such massive-improving in his musical and technical style of beatboxing. When he illustrates, you will see his vision and perspective towards the world. Mostly, the outstanding about his arts are in graffiti, line art, tone, colors choice and his strong concept designs. His strong desire are to bring the art and beatbox movement into a live performance.

To learn more about Shazet, please visit his Facebook fan page.

Bio from Facebook.