Sara al-Moudarres



An Artist of Fine arts & Interior design, Sara al-Moudarres specialises in Mixed media and paper-collage whilst also using her skills interior design for illustrated graphics, craft, ceiling design and decor.

The underlying concept for her artwork is to take the complex & create beautiful interface designs with a simple universal message. Sara utilises paper collage because the process and finishing holds as a metaphor for our lives, she explains “each piece of paper is an experience we carry. On its own it is not so beautiful; we don’t understand its meaning and it remains a misunderstood fragment. When it is placed in combination with our other experiences it develops into the bigger,broader picture of our world and life and only then can we step back, see and understand each experience’s purpose, message and beauty. I see clearer the reality of this concept when I reflect on Aleppo, the city I was born and raised in, in Syria. I have many influences and experiences there, before and during the war. The true meaning of these experiences and pieces of my life slowly reveals itself in the bigger picture of my life and I portray this in my work”.

Her paintings, collages and the combination of colours are all inspired by the art of mosaic and Islamic art. In her interior and craft designs she also aims to show admiration for the Islamic art of Aleppo such as the rich architecture, culture, ornamentation and nature. The beauty of Aleppo that people may be less exposed to currently. Even in her spare time Sara draws inspiration from films and media or through the works of traditional souks and bazaars of the Levant which she loves to explore.

Due to the current war in Syria, Sara currently resides in the northern province of Lebanon.

  • The Spirit of Freedom (Magazines Papers-Collage art)
  • Power & pride .(Magazines papers-collage art)
  • glasses
  • Asalah (Magazines papers-Collage art)