Safina Sajid



Safina Sajid is a British born Muslim who lives and works in the northwest of England. In June 2013 she graduated with a First Class Honours degree in B.A Fine Art with Integrated media awarded by Lancaster University.

Her creative practice concerns itself with the celebration and exploration of cross-cultures, identities and traditions. She explores the fusion between Eastern and Western cultures through sculpture, installation, painting, printmaking and photography.

Influenced by her Eastern heritage and Western upbringing, she was surrounded by many forms of art. Such as bright, colourful fabrics and textiles, traditional Islam and Asian pottery, architecture of the East and West and the beautiful Arabic calligraphy. All these influences have resulted with her creating a unique and interesting collection of colourful artwork.

She utilises the found object which she aims to transcend from the throwaway item to an item of artistic beauty. With manipulation that involves recycled children’s toys and beautiful colourful recycled Asian outfits and embellishments to create installation and sculptural work, giving the viewer a new meaning to the found object.

She wants the viewer to understand and feel how peoples, traditions and cultures are important to their lives and we human beings accumulate different cultures through our lifetime from where we live, parents, birth, country, language, religion, education, travel and lifestyle which all influence our cultural identity.

The outcome of her work is to represent positivity to different cultures and races bringing together acceptance for one another. There is obviously negativity and upset regarding different religions and cultures, through her art she would like the viewer to embrace and celebrate the different cultures of the West and the East.

To learn more about Safia’s work, please visit her website.