Revolutionising the Learning of Arabic Letters


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Meet Zaynab Hamdi. She’s the brains and the creative behind a brilliant new method to learn (and teach!) Arabic letters. We caught up with her to hear her story…

What inspired Letter Connector?

I didn’t enjoy learning Arabic as a child. It was tedious and repetitive and too strict. Then I started teaching Arabic to young children, who were having a similar experience to me. They found learning Arabic difficult and boring, so I quickly realised that I needed to do something to make it fun.

The only issue was, I couldn’t find many interactive and fun resources. I was looking for something hands on, something that wasn’t a tracing sheet, or a textbook. After searching for a while, it then dawned on me that perhaps I should just make my own. 

That is how I came up with Letter Connector.

Image 2 - Zaynab and Two Children

Learning to read Arabic can be quite challenging however Letter Connector makes the learning experience fun and interactive. It has over 100 pieces, which are colour coded for visual learners. It comes with the whiteboard and pen. It’s vibrant, it’s exciting, it’s playful, and it comes with free online supplementary resources.

My goal is to make learning fun using interactive learning methods. That is what ILM projects is about.

What has been the most challenging & most rewarding parts of your project?

The most challenging part has been learning how to run a business. I am realising now, that being an entrepreneur means learning at least the basics of every skill required for your business. Website design, graphic design, accounting, admin etc.

Given that my background is in law, it really has been a steep learning curve. Nothing worthwhile comes easy and always reminding myself of my intentions has given me the motivation to overcome any challenges. 

The most rewarding part has been feedback from people around the world. Receiving emails from people in Mauritius, Australia, and the USA saying how excited they are for Letter Connector, and how they can’t wait to use it with their children, really makes it worth it! 

“Seeing the children that I teach come into class so excited to learn, saying Arabic is fun! This is what makes it worthwhile for me.”

Image 8 - Closeup Letter Connector

Arabic is the language of the Qur’an and is studied by Muslims all over the world, and I honestly think it’s very dangerous for Muslims to grow up associating Arabic with boredom, discipline, and difficulty. 

“We need to cultivate a love of the language through interactive learning and play. I want children to grow up loving Arabic so that they are themselves naturally motivated to pursue learning the language.”

With only a few days left of the campaign this is your chance to get involved in revolutionizing Arabic learning, so please share it with your friends and family and support this campaign. ILM Projects is all about innovation and is constantly working to develop new meaningful material to help make Arabic fun!

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Image 9 - Children - Shukran - Letter Connector