Randa Abdel-Fattah


Change Makers

Randa Abdel-Fattah’s debut novel, Does My Head Look Big In This?, was an instant success. The first young adult novel narrated by a teenage Muslim girl about her experience wearing the veil to ever be published, the award-winning novel has been published in over fifteen countries and is currently being performed as a play in the USA. Randa has continued writing award-winning novels for young adults, children and adults which have been published around the world including Ten Things I Hate About Me, Where the Streets Had A Name, Noah’s Law, No Sex in the City, The Friendship Matchmaker series and her new children’s series, The Book of You. Randa is a regular guest at writer’s festivals across Australia and around the world, including Sweden’s Gothenburg and Litterlund book festivals, Sharjah International Book Festival, Sharjah IBBY Conference. She has also toured in Sweden, the UK, Brunei, Malaysia, Qatar and Egypt and been a writer in resident in Ramallah, Palestine.

 Randa regularly presents author talks and teaches writing workshops in schools around Australia and overseas. She is also a passionate human rights activist and regularly provides commentary on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and Islamophobia in Australia.

Randa worked as a litigation lawyer for almost ten years. She has since left the law to purse a PhD researching Islamophobia and everyday multiculturalism. Randa lives in Sydney with her husband and their three children. She is currently writing her next book for young adults inspired by her fieldwork on Islamophobia.