Nimah Ismail Nawwab



Nimah Ismail Nawwab was born in a Meccan family with a long history of scholars. An English writer, editor and poet as well as photographer, her interests have led her to venture in various fields and work on diverse projects. 

Due to her scholarly father’s involvement, Nimah became interested in English literature at an early age. As a high school student she worked on various summer jobs at an oil company.

Involvement in a book project as a teenager also led to her picking up on editing and layout. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Nimah worked in Translation Services for five years then moved to Public Relations. 

Her interest in writing on Saudi society, customs, Islam, art, crafts, cuisine and calligraphy has led to numerous articles and essays that have been published in Saudi Arabia and abroad.

A few years ago she was commissioned to work on a lengthy project to evaluate a museum quality collection of Saudi artifacts, costumes and jewelry. She also contributed to various cultural publications in addition to her poetic output click here for a look at the publications she has been involved in.

Her work has appeared in publications including the Arab News, The Bahrain Tribune and the academic journal Islamic Studies.

Nimah has been coordinating the review of Saudi Aramco World magazine, to which she contributes stories and photographs, for the last twelve years. 

Nimah’s work and best-selling book have been featured in Newsweek International, BBC-World News (click here) , MSNBC, AP, The Washington Post reproduced in the Japanese English Yomiuri Shimbum, LA Times, BBC-Persia, Asian Age, Hindustan Times, the Malay Berita Harian, Arabian Lady, Hi magazine, Trends business magazine, Arab News, Saudi Gazette, ash-Sharq al-Awsat, Al Hayat, Al Watan, Elaf, Arabiayyah Net, Sayyidaty, Ukaz and others.

She has been interviewed by various television and radio outlets such as BBC World Update, BBC World Today, NPR, BBC Al Arabiayah, Channel News Asia, Canadian Channel M, Al Ekhbariyah, Al Arabiyah, on several MBC features and others.

Nimah’s interests in diversity, change, tolerance (and she prefers acceptance), women’s issues and empowering youth have led to involvement in various activities ranging from conferences and presentations to workshops. 

She seeks to build bridges of understanding and has been dubbed a ‘cultural ambassadress’ and a ‘voice for Arab women’ based on a range of interactive readings and presentations in countries across the East and West. 

She has been a keynote speaker at various venues ranging from institutes to universities and schools, and has presented at the World Economic Forum on the Middle East several times, Japan Expo 2006, The UN pavilion, the Smithsonian Anthropology Department, Ghalib Academy in India and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)-London University among others. She has also been an initiator, speaker and organizer of youth forums in various countries.

Her writing is often augmented with photography, as she enjoys building both sensory word and image impact for readers. Her photography revolves around people and nature shots in addition to studio photography in addition to color developing.

Through the years she has also given presentations on Arabia, wedding customs, Ramadan and women in Saudi Arabia , Women in Islam, in Washington D.C on “The Role of Saudi Women in the Media.” in Holland, ‘Educational Reform’ and ‘Society and Change’ at World Economic Forums in various countries For full list of her presentations you may check out her speeches at the events section.

Nimah’s interest in layout and design of print and websites led to several projects. In 2001 Nimah headed a task force to develop text and graphic content for Since then she has enjoyed working on website content and design and helped form an E-publishing Unit.

Poetry: Her poetry has been published on several websites, translated into numerous languages, included in anthologies and taught at schools and colleges in Arabia, the U.S, Canada, Singapore, Japan, India and others. Her work has been included in anthologies. She is also a poetry judge and facilitator of poetry sessions and workshops in several countries. As a reviewer noted: “Her voice speaks to the truths in all our lives regardless of nationality. It is a voice advocating justice, compassion and a basic respect for the dignity and rights of people everywhere.”