Navid Akhtar


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Navid Akhtar is the Founder and CEO of, a senior producer of documentaries and an award-winning journalist. He was specialist adviser to BBC Radio 5, after 9/11 terrorist attacks. In 2003 he was a Senior Producer on Channel 4’s Hajj: Trip of a Lifetime, and has received awards from the Prix Europa for his radio programmes, and the Al Bruni award for Media – Muslim News Awards for Excellence. In 2005 he was awarded the Sanford St Martins Award, by the Church of England for his coverage of the BBC WORLD SERVICE 2005 – Hajj in Mecca.

Recent television work includes presenting Who Wants to be a Mullah? (2004, BBC2), Young, Angry and Muslim (2005, Channel 4) and Associate Producer, on “The Retreat”, (2007, BBC2). In 2006, he traveled to Mecca with young Muslims from the UK and produced ‘Pilgrims from the Gangland’.

Aside from his broadcast work, he has produced films for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and advised the CRE and British Council on Muslim issues. He has lectured on both Media and Muslim issues in Berlin, Warsaw and Copenhagen.