Munira Mendonça


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Munira is one of Spain’s leading craft persons and activists on behalf of her compañeros in Spanish leather working. She was born and raised in Oakland, California. Over her 35 years in Spain, Munira Mendonça has presided over an association of women artesanas, served on the board of directors of the Andalusian regional federation of artisans, and organized craft fairs and courses.

Her store, Munira Leather was founded in the 1980’s, in a small workshop in the Alpujarras. Over time, she improved her skills in leather goods, and developed a range of products with their own unique identity. Because of her surroundings and her love of Granada tradition, her designs were inspired by the art that still exists in the streets of Granada.

She also specializes in the traditional Granada ways of working leather which has almost been lost in contemporary practice. His vision was, and remains, to incorporate more traditional techniques for the production of current accessories.

Today, the headquarters of Munira Leather is located in the heart of Granada, where design, production, and products continue to be innovated and developed with new techniques for the same purpose – to create items from unique and exclusive leather.


You can see more of her work at Muslim Gift Guide, and at her official website.