Mujeeb and Steve


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Mujeeb and Steve takes a light-hearted approach to introducing Islam, in a format that’s easy to understand and fun to watch!

The show receives its namesake from its two main characters, Mujeeb and Steve – who create vlogs to help non-muslims understand the fundamentals of the religion. Although Mujeeb’s heart is in the right place, he doesn’t always focus on the most important aspects of his faith, this is where Steve comes in. A revert to Islam, Steve is there to help Mujeeb focus on the core teachings of the faith, which sometimes means rethinking our preconceived notions and our approach to balancing culture and religion. Although both characters are Muslim, Mujeeb is clearly less knowledgable about the fundamentals of his faith, which may be a reminder for some Muslims who can relate.

Heavy stuff for a short cartoon, but ‘Mujeeb and Steve’ manage to make it look like a breeze with Steve’s comedic quips and timing, which harken back to popular cartoons of today, you won’t even notice you’re actually learning. This format along with the show’s amusing style makes it enjoyable for all ages and all faiths.

Check out this episode:

You can find Mujeeb and Steve here  and watch more of their episodes here!



Author: Ala Ibrahim