Mostafa Rachwani


Change Makers

Mostafa Rachwani is an award-winning writer, community activist, editor and founder of the Arab-Australian platform Sajjeling, and project officer at the LMA, where he heads projects such as the Sydney Muslim Conference and the Think Again Initiatives. He was the president of Muslim Youth radio show the Y Factor, a member of youth activist initiative Silence is Betrayal, and a member of various projects over the years.

After majoring in Journalism for his Communications degree, Mostafa interned at various news agencies and wrote for various blogs before deciding journalism wasn’t for him as he wasn’t able to be the opinionated, angry young Muslim he wanted to be.

Instead, he turned to community work, which has allowed him to more actively work towards changing his community, as well as allowing him the opportunity to meet, and blast, various politicians and public figures, most notably the Australian Attorney-General, George Brandis. He is currently and finally, working on completing his Law degree, with an eye on eventually working in academia.

To learn more about Mostafa, follow him on Twitter @Rachwani91