Mohamed Sami



Mohamed was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1975. Throughout his life he showed a great interest in cartoon characters and comics and began drawing them as early as 6 years old.

He went on to study a BA in Graphic Arts and Illustration from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Zamalek, Egypt in 1997 where he practiced photography and image manipulation and attended few courses early before graduating from Fine Arts.

He has worked with Most of the major magazine and book publishers, advertising agencies and marketing departments in corporates in Egypt, as well as a bunch of others in some Arab countries and Europe during the period (1992 – present).

His cartoons are amongst the most familiar popular on social media during the 2000’s and up till now.

Mohamed started turning his ideas into animation and motion graphics in 2009, working with marketing departments in some corporations, as well as making some public service and fun short animations for social media.

Mohamed was also one of the top five finalists in the Creative Ummah Community Challenge, his submission is below.

To learn more about Sami’s work, please visit his website.