Lotfi El Ghandouri


Change Makers

Lotfi EL-Ghandouri, a world citizen and eternal nomad, born in Tunisia, raised in Quebec and based in Madrid. Entrepreneur, consultant, author and international speaker.
After years of experience working with top North American consultancies on projects related to human development, Lotfi decided to establish Creative Society Group, a consultancy operating internationally, aimed at impelling/driving organizations with soul through new ways of dialogue and collaboration.
His interest in sustainable development drove him to become the co-founder of the first social innovation center in Spain: Hub Madrid and contribute to the development of Hub’s Global Network. At the moment he is involved in the creation of Hub Montreal, Hub Gaza and Hub Tunis. The Hub network is present in more than 30 cities around the world and has received more than 2000 petitions. In the last 2 years Lotfi co-founded 3 social enterprises and one foundation.