Lateefa Spiker



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Lateefa Spiker lives and works in east London. Her reflective work explores the structures and flowing forms of traditional Islamic pattern and investigates the relationship between the transient and the infinite, spontaneity and order and the traditional and contemporary.

Introducing movement into stasis, her work meditates on the conflict of opposites and what lies beyond it.

Lateefa spent her childhood in the UK, New Mexico, Jordan and Spain. Her work encompasses a range of mediums such as oil on canvas, gouache on gesso board, prints, drawings and kinetic installations.

Lateefa studied at the Princes Foundation in the Building Arts in 2000 and went on to study a degree course in fine art painting at Northumbria University. She subsequently lived and studied in Cairo and Andalusia, returning to London in 2006 where she has since been working to commission, teaching and collaborating with other artists including the sculptor Adam Williamson.

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