Kulsum Tasnif


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The transcendence of geographic boundaries and search for beauty and truth is at the heart of American based artist, Kulsum Tasnif. Being of Pakistani descent, but born in England, she has had a first-hand exposure of bridging this cultural divide. Her work speaks to that internal and external journey.

Growing up in the Middle East and traveling and exploring the world have given her style and artistry an especially human element, displaying a creative flair that resonates with people at their core.

Whether volunteering in Bosnian refugee camps during the genocide, in children refugee camps, or translating Urdu for domestic abuse victims domestically, she translates pain and suffering into beauty and a message of resilience and joy.

Kulsum takes the minds, bodies, and hearts of individuals and cultures from her journey and fuses them onto a medium to share with the world.


To learn more about Kulsum and her work, please visit the following:

Website: www.kulsumtasnif.com

Facebook: facebook.com/artistkulsumtasnif

Instagram: instagram.com/kulsumts

Twitter: twitter.com/KulsumTasnif

And check out this cool piece she’s written about her journey here.