Khadija Annette O’Connell


Change Makers

Khadija Annette is a community creative who produces inspires creativity with her eye for beauty and detail. She is passionate about making a positive impact on the world by connecting people with beauty.

The following are her words from her website:

Life, creativity, and making a home all happen in layers and the way we compile, edit, and rebuild our layers is utterly imperfect. But I believe that beauty doesn’t come from perfection: it comes from the process. That’s where meaning comes from, too. In fact, when I look back, I see that I’ve been guided by beauty and the sense of what could be my whole life. Growing up in Alaska, I was certainly surrounded by natural beauty.

But I also saw my parents’ ingenuity- I was raised by two people who were inventive and resourceful, both of whom had a knack for creating beautiful things from the ordinary. When I was seven, my mother’s best friend, Clara, taught me handwork, like sewing and embroidery. I connected immediately with that feeling of possibilityand the joy of putting something into the world—and I’ve been sewing and making things with my hands ever since.

I’ve always been involved with a lot of creative projects including event décor, interior design, and teaching arts-related workshops. I’ve also done design project coordination, drawing from a global network of artists to fulfill clients’ design needs, from interior and exterior art to print design. From 2003 – 2011, I ran a business called Barakah Life that did all of these things. I decided to build the business you see here in my own name, Khadija Annette, at this particular time in my life, because everything I’m doing now is an extension of my soul and where it’s been: the textiles I’ve sourced from around the globe, the repurposed and handmade items, and the art & decor sourcing work.

I believe that we are drawn to make, notice, and be in the presence of things that we find beautiful.

That’s true whether you work in a creative field for a living, dabble with DIY, or step in and out of creative pursuits with the seasons of life. I also believe that through showing people beauty, I can have a positive impact in the world. Whether it’s selling things of beauty that represents stories about people, cultures, tradition, and ideas from around the globe or connecting readers of my blog to artists doing amazing work in the world, my mission is to use beauty to touch and inspire people’s souls.

Make sure you check out her website for inspiration, and to connect with beauty.