Karim A Serageldin


Change Makers

Karim A Serageldin grew up in Massachusetts where his sociable and curious nature connected him to all walks of life and people of many faiths. At a young age he was involved with his Muslim community and began seriously his studies of Islam in college. While he completed his BA in psychology and religion, he co-taught courses on Islam with his professors who saw in him a natural ability to relate and connect with different faith traditions and philosophies.

Since 2000 he has been providing educational seminars on topics like Islam, psychology and human relations in school and community settings. In 2007 Karim completed an MA in east-west psychology with a focus on spiritual counseling and worked in education for three years. During this time he had the vision of formulating a contemporary approach to Islamic psychology, specifically for Muslims living in the west. He felt the existential challenges of being Muslim in America were not fully understood by the western therapist or the local Imam, hence Noor was born in 2011 to serve as a necessary bridge. 

Today he is working on a few academic publications pertaining to Islam, psychology and consciousness studies. Within Noor he offers spiritual counseling and coaching for youth, men and couples. Noor aims to provide personal and community services to enhance well being, knowledge and practical skills from a paradigm of psychology, science and spirituality.

Visit www.noorhumanconsulting.com to learn more.