Irfan Khairi


Change Makers

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Irfan Khairi received his Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Design from Staffordshire University, United Kingdom.
Upon graduating, Irfan was offered an employment at the biggest IT Company in Birmingham, United Kingdom; Netmedia (UK) Ltd. Both as a multimedia designer and internet consultant, Irfan is much acclaimed for designing an internet learning system called ‘Learning Grid’ for schools all around United Kingdom. At that particular time, over 5000 schools in UK uses the Learning Grid.

Due to his passion and background in e-commerce and the internet, he started his own part time business in the year of 1999. With barely one year of operational, Irfan decided to put his full commitment in the business. This is much due to the fact that his income generated was multiplied even in that first year itself.

From that point onward, Irfan Khairi work full time from the comfort of his home, equipped with nothing more than a laptop and the internet. Within only 3 years of operational, one of his businesses generated a clean profit of RM 1,000,000.00 – this is done without any additional workers or advance gadgetry. Much more astounding is the fact that he did it at the age of 25 years old and RM 500 for a starting modal!