Intrepid Muslim travellers to follow


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Travelling soon? Check out these awesome blogs with travel insights, beautiful photos, and more!

We love that each has a unique flavour and perspective through the eyes of their contributors. Which one will be your go-to guide?


1. Have Halal Will Travel

These guys really are doing a great job of “inspiring Muslims to see the world” – lots and lots of great content on things to do in so many different cities, and halal food too!




2. Fly With Haifa

Haifa’s absolutely shining personality makes her videos super engaging to watch! We love how she’s taken a leap of faith, left her job, and made travel her focus. She was also recently the YouTube host for the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Norway! Check out her video about that experience here. She’s definitely one to watch, follow, and be inspired by!


3. BENI. City Guides

This city guide by is so beautifully filmed, it will make you want to get on the next plane to KL! Don’t say we didn’t warn you. We look forward to seeing more of these!


4. MuslimTravelGirl

Elena’s a bonafide traveller, who also travels as her job! We love her Umrah travel guides and tips and tricks on getting the best deals!

Salzburg, Austria - Photo: Muslim Travel Girl

Salzburg, Austria – Photo: Muslim Travel Girl


5. Wayfarer’s Compass

A beautifully curated blog with numerous contributors, written with soul, and embellished with the most brilliant insights and beautiful photography. We also love their 2-part Hanafi fiqh guide for travellers.




6. Muslim Travelers

Zain and Huda, an American Muslim couple started Muslim Travellers with the vision to “shatter stereotypes about Muslims, build bridges of understanding, and create more empathy in the world through what they love most – travel!”




7. The Eye in Islam

This traveller’s visit to Uyghur and Hui Muslim populated parts of China is a unique exploration of an area we don’t often read about. He also visited the beautiful Bosnia. We love his approach of really getting stuck in great conversations with locals.




8. Sacred Footsteps

A great collection of articles and videos covering contemporary travel guides as well as exploring history, and travel from a spiritual perspective.


9. Sociable Earth

Takes a look at popular destinations and gives practical information on things like: history, attractions, food, and natural wonders.





So there you have it. Where do you want to fly to next?



By: Subhi Bora