Hana Tajima



Hana Tajima is a designer and visual artist.  Her blog hanatajima.com (formerly stylecovered.com) fast became a new and unique voice in fashion and is a widely read reference the world over.

Born and raised in the UK, her parents both artists, she was raised in a highly creative environment with an emphasis on aesthetic and expressive freedom.

“There is a strange juxtaposition of cultures in my life and I’m constantly looking for that strange beauty in what I design.  There is a side of me obsessed with simplicity and the beauty of the unseen that is very Japanese, and then this rebellious, rather eccentric aspect that comes out of my experiences growing up in England.”

With a professional background in fashion, Hana went straight from a design education to starting a womenswear label, MAYSAA, which gained much success both in the UK and internationally.  Notable features and interviews include ELLE Italia, ELLE Canada, Address Magazine, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Currently Hana is working with artists and designers such as Rosie Lowe, Port St Willow, and Okuda Yusai on collaborative fashion and video projects, writing for her blog and print publications.  Her photographic work has also been featured in ELLE Italia and many online blogs and journals.

“There is no difference in the root of art, it is all descriptive of this ‘other thing’, but it’s a wonderful thing to see the divergence in the paths it can take.”

Bio is from her website.