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Salaam! I’m Hafsa – a Brand Stylist, Graphic Designer, Creative photographer, Entrepreneur and Artist. Talking about myself is rough, and writing an entire page dedicated to me? I’d rather do the tango with with an army of porcupines.

What I’m really trying to say is ‘Creating’ in a general sense has been a big part of my journey. Im Honored that my work has been featured in numerous blogs and magazines, and hundreds of my pieces have been sold to date. I’ve been using art as healing therapy for many years after finding a magical escape in my creative photography for the “Traumatic Stains Project”, the extension of which is my first book “When Tears Don’t Dry”, initiatives that focus on healing and powering through depression and anxiety.

I’m passionate about showcasing what people are passionate about. I conjure up larger than life creative ideas, and turn them into successful advertising and marketing campaigns, usually using photography as the basis of my design for Businesses, Startups and individuals. my passion lies in telling YOUR story. In creating Art that moves people. 2 Years ago i started ‘The Reminder Series’, a unique collection of eclectic paintings, prints, home decor and journals based on powerful quranic Ayaat that helped me work through some of the most difficult personal challenges.

When I’m not painting or shooting, I’m hiking in the rocky mountains of Alberta, or in a cozy chair philosophizing one on one with with humble company.

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