Yousef Saleh Erakat, more popularly known on YouTube as fouseyTUBE, is a Palestinian American entertainer, motivational speaker and online celebrity. Yousef creates and produces awesome comedy sketches, pranks and vlogs for his YouTube channel, but it is not all light hearted fun and games, as he also tackles important social issues in order to breakdown some common stereotypes and misconceptions.

Yousef was born and raised in Oakland California, he initially focused his videos on Middle Eastern culture (specifically the hilarity of some parents), but has since evolved a lot of his work into prank videos and social experiments. One of his most viewed videos is the SPIDERMAN IN REAL LIFE PRANK! which has received more than 74 million views to date. Yousef usually gets around 1-6 Million views on each upload, with most getting anywhere up to 10-15 million, which is incredible.

Yousef has always had a passion for entertaining people and began by entertaining his family. Yousef then created his fouseyTUBE YouTube channel on the 21st of March 2011 and uploaded his first video four days later titled, fouseyTUBE Intro Parody. The video has since had over 600,000 views, suggesting his popularity was almost instantaneous.

His social experiments, such as The Bullying Experiment, The Homeless Child Experiment, the Kidnapping Children Experiment and many others, have all gained international attention as he appeared on numerous news, current affairs and talk shows.

Check out more of Yousef’s awesome work on his YouTube channel, fouseyTUBE.

Source: The YouTube Wiki