Elena – Muslim Travel Girl


Change Makers

My name is Elena aka the MuslimTravelGirl, I am the editor of the website and also responsible for everything wonderful you see here. I am the first woman to become a Chartered Islamic Marketer (CIMA) in the UK, and have over ten years of marketing and branding experience. I also hold an MSc in Islamic Finance from Aston University in Birmingham.

I have travelled around the world at very little expense by using the travel hacks and tips that I share on this very blog. My big dream goal is to help Muslims explore the world that Allah SWT created without breaking the bank and for non-Muslim to see that we are pretty cool people. 😉

As a person with a multicultural background, I consider myself a citizen of the world. I was born in Bulgaria, raised in Greece and settled in the UK, I became Muslim 7 years ago. Coming from such a diverse culture when I became Muslim I realised that not many Muslims travel. Non-Muslims and Muslims all over the world have so many misconceptions about each other. I am on a quest to improve mutual understanding by helping Muslims travel the world.

You can reach her on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and through her website.