Dustin Craun


Change Makers

Dustin Craun is the Founder and Executive Editor of Ummah Wide, a digital media startup focused on stories and cultures that transcend the global borders and boundaries of the Muslim, Interfaith and Human family.

He is a writer, community organiser, an anti-racist educator and a communications strategist who has worked with more than twenty-five different non-profit and social movement based organizations over the last twelve years in the United States, Mexico, and Ghana. Dustin works on the clergy organizing team for the PICO National Network building Muslim Community organizing into the largest faith based community organinizing network in the United States. His writings have been featured in publications such as Adbusters, and he is working on publishing his first book titled Decolonizing Whiteness.

Most recently Dustin has been working to found the nonprofit Ummah Wide, which is an emerging movement of community organizers, educators, and artists whose primary goal is to build unity within the American Muslim community, while building alliances with other social movements throughout the United States. Ummah Wide develops leaders and works to strengthen institutions in the Muslim community by using community organizing and grassroots education models to work for spiritual, social, racial, environmental and economic justice for all people.

To learn more about Dustin’s work please visit Ummah Wide