Dr Jonathan A.J. Wilson


Change Makers

Dr Jonathan A.J. Wilson [or Bilal to his friends] is an Academic, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker and Columnist, with a +20 year career, +100 conference talks, +200 publications.

Dr Wilson’s started off in industry as an advertising manager; and he’s known for taking an immersive approach to ideation and innovation when tackling Branded Cultural Phenomena.

He sits at the intersection of Arts and Science: holding a Chemistry degree; an MBA; and a PhD in Global Brand Management and Culture – which draws from Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, and Al Ghazali and delivers new brand thinking.

He is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Islamic Marketing; an Executive Trainer for Al Jazeera Media Network in Qatar; and also writes for the Huffington Post, Thomson Reuters, Branding Magazine, and The Marketeers. He is cited as one of an elite list of Global Thought Leaders in Islamic Economics, Halal Branding, and Muslim Millennials.

As a teenager, Dr Wilson achieved national recognition and received awards for his art and ceramics, and rugby playing. In the nineties and early noughties he was a Rock, Grunge, Hip-hop, and Asian Underground bass-guitarist and vocalist: performing internationally – on the BBC and at Glastonbury amongst other places. He was also part of the original team of musicians who created the first few volumes of the global video game phenomenon Grand Theft Auto.

More recently in 2014, he was awarded the University of Greenwich Vice Chancellor’s award for Staff Member of the Year across the entire university.

Currently Dr Wilson is a Japanese martial artist, holding several dan grades.

Stay up to date with his work by checking out his website. You can also find him on LinkedIn and on Twitter.