Danish Shaikh



Danish is a Senior Production Specialist and a Photographer

Check out his bio here:
Photography started out as a hobby with a simple point and shoot when I was finishing high school. I photographed everything. As someone who is highly inclined towards anything mechanical, I got interested in a real camera. So I saved and bought a Nikon d80. From that point, 12 years ago, I’ve owned and sold about 15 cameras. dSLR, point and shoot, camcorder, mirrorless, cinema camera, all the way through. It’s been a great ride.
I left a career in Design Engineering after being recruited to Tayseer Foundation in Knoxville, TN. I was the Creative Director of the organization. I learned so much about myself and Islam in my short two years there. I have since moved on to join Bayyinah and am the Senior Production Specialist. I get to take projects from pre production through to completion, alhumdulillah. It is a blessing and a privilege to serve the Ummah in this field and I pray it is accepted, inshaAllah.
You can contact him via email: dashaikh@gmail.com
Also, find him on Instagram: @danishaikh