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A few months ago Creative Ummah and Al-Jazeera Media Training & Development Center partnered up to create the very first Community Challenge competition.

The competition was developed to inspire people from across the globe to develop their ideas, concepts, skills and talents into specific issues, causes and campaigns that encourage positive growth within the global community.

The challenge grew from the issues we all face as global citizens and as we all live in an increasingly information driven world, where we are are inundated with more news, current affairs and information than ever before, we wanted to find some creative solutions to the issues that matter most to each of us. So with this in mind, our collaborative team wanted to see what we could do to ensure that the important information that creates positive change does not simply slip past us unnoticed.

We believe there is a positive and creative solution for almost every problem and we wanted to see how people could challenge themselves and change the face of visual communication.  So we set our brief and the challenge was sent out the the world.

People from all over the world were invited to partake in the challenge where we asked participants to find a current news story, a global issue, a meaningful campaign or a fun news item and turn it into an engaging piece of visual communication.

Finding the top five was a super difficult task, as we had so many excellent entires from all over the place. It was fantastic to see such a positive response to the challenge, which really highlighted the wonderful creativity of our global community.

The best submission from these top five, who will be announced at the end of July, will win a return economy flight to Al-Jazeera Headquarters in Qatar to present their work to the prestigious Al-Jazeera Media Training & Development Center and spend time with some of the industry’s most recognised professional media and creative talent. An awesome prize that any of these top five could easily take home.

So here they are, the Creative Ummah, Al-Jazeera Media Training & Development Center Community Challenge top five:

Amina Khan – Framing Muslims Poster

See Amina’s full Creative Ummah Profile here.

Imad Toubal: Global Poverty Animation

 See Imad’s full Creative Ummah Profile here.

Peter Morgan: Barbed Wire & Baklava

See Peter’s full Creative Ummah Profile here.

Aalia Rahman: Understanding Depression Infographic

See Aalia’s full Creative Ummah Profile here.

Mohamed Sami: Survival Animation

See Mohamed’s full Creative Ummah Profile here.


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