Aseel Tayah


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Aseel is an installation and performance artist, photographer and art teacher, and an international activist for human rights. She grew up with a desire for wanting to drive the changes she seeks to see in the world. She graduated from a college of arts with honours, as one of the best three graduates in her country.

Since moving to Melbourne late 2014, she has performed at La Mama, Metanoia and Polyglot theatres. As an accomplished Arabic singer, she has also sung at and contributed to various festivals and art events such as the Mosaic festival, Festival of Hope, Olive Kids and Refugee Week. She has run leadership & art workshops around Palestine and internationally. 

Aseel’s major areas of interest have centred on Identity and Culture with a particular focus on women, freedom and land, driven by passion to effect social change. She creates interactive experiences which are designed to invite her audience to participate.

Find her on her website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube