Amir Shihadeh


Change Makers

Amir Shihadeh is the Founder & Director of YARA (Youth Association for Reality and Awareness)​ -​​ an NPO which was established in 2010. Over the years, YARA has conducted dozens of campaigns on various matters: from securing education for out of school children, preserving the environment, empowering both youth and women, holding interfaith & inter-religious dialogues, and establishing sustainable projects. As a result of YARA’s impact on enhancing society, Amir became a Fellow for the King Abdullah Award for Youth Innovation and Achievement. In addition, YARA is the first NPO to become a member with the Jordan Strategy Forum (

Amir is a Global Shaper and Curator for the Amman Hub of the Global Shapers Community; an initiative of the World Economic Forum. He is also the Chief Operating Officer at Mlabbas; a company with retail outlets and an online presence which offers a shopping experience that provides funky and fun gift items as well as offers the customer the option to customize their own products. Amir is the Country Chair of Jordan for Global Dignity, an organization that focuses on everyone’s dignity to be recognized. Shihadeh holds a BA in Business Information Systems, which he earned from Jordan University, ranking 10th out of 130 graduating students and with a GPA of 3.41.