Amina el Shafei



Amina is a 2012 Masterchef Australia contestant, has published her own cookbook, writes a monthly column for the internationally recognised Australian Women’s Weekly magazine, provides catering, and routinely give talks and cooking demonstrations to diverse audiences. All while still maintaining her career as a registered nurse.

Amina’s parents are of Korean and Egyptian backgrounds, while she and her sister Eman were born in Saudi Arabia. She has lived in Australia since the age of four with her family. Growing up in a household of two different cultures, she enjoyed learning, cooking and eating both Korean and Middle Eastern dishes that she love to share with family and friends.

In 2012, she was a contestant on Masterchef Australia, finishing in the top 12. This was an opportunity of a lifetime for her to pursue a career in cooking as well as highlight both Middle Eastern and Korean cooking on a national scale. Currently, she has created her own brand ‘Amina’s Alchemy’ of which she uses to advertise all her cooking related activities. She also writes a monthly column with the internationally recognised Australian Women’s Weekly magazine, provides corporate and private catering, acts as a guest demonstrator at food events and shows and has published a cookbook. Besides cooking, she also continues to work as a registered paediatric nurse at Sydney Children’s Hospital Network which remains a much loved career.

Stay up to date with her cooking adventures at her website, Amina’s Alchemy.