Ameena Khan



Ameena Y. Khan received her Bachelor of Science, Master of Engineering, and doctorate degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Florida. After completing her graduate education in 2005 she worked as an engineering consultant and researcher for seven years, designing pollution control systems and removing toxic metals from water and air. A move to Tampa FL in 2012 prompted Khan to set aside her calculator and pick up her paintbrushes to follow her passion: art. 

Khan’s work has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the United States and is represented internationally by Ahlan Art.   Khan is also an elementary art teacher in Temple Terrace FL, and is the co-organizer of two ongoing public art initiatives.  

Statement from the artist:

I believe that the right painting can transcend boundaries of culture, language, location and time to touch hearts and transform communities. The very best art challenges our most deeply held convictions, and this is the type of artwork I challenge myself to create.

I create my pieces using a variety of materials leading to a wide body of work ranging from abstract paintings, to illustrations, and often something in between. On the one hand I am inspired by color, textures, and patterns to create paintings that celebrate creation, honoring its bright colors, balance, geometry, and order. Alternatively, I am also motivated by contemporary socio-political situations. For these pieces, I begin with a focus on an emotion dealing with an event or condition, and develop the painting from there. I draw upon feelings that are universal to the human experience and connect the viewer to the subject on the most basic level.

Whatever the subject, before creating I reflect on how to convey my point of view considering colors, materials, and symbols. Then, once brush hits canvas, the piece is constantly evolving, in some cases being repainted before the spirit of the work is realized.

Ameena’s latest project is a solo exhibition where she will feature a series of paintings called “Just a Peek, Please?”. The paintings are an effort to expand the narrative about American Muslim women, and the show will run from September – December 2015. 

You can find more information about the series here.

You can also connect with her on her official website and Facebook page