Amany Killawi


Business, Change Makers, Entrepreneurs

Amany Killawi is the Co-Founder and COO of (a.k.a Team Swiss Army Knife). LaunchGood is the world’s leading faith based crowdfunding platform focused on supporting Muslims launching good all across the world by helping them raise funds for their projects. Amany is a graduate of the School of Social work at Wayne State University, and founding member of the Detroit Minds and Hearts Fellowship (a program of MAS Youth Detroit), a social incubator where she works with  inner city Muslim youth to help them develop and launch their own community initiatives for social justice.

She has previously worked with multiple organizations in various capacities. Including the project manager and lead coordinator for the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding’s Improving Marriage Outcomes Study, Administrative Director of the American Learning Institute for Muslims, Data Fellow with the The Children’s Center of Michigan, and Youth coordinator at the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion. When she’s not playing a game of pick up basketball, Amany is quantifying her self development efforts or spending time with her younger sisters. As a youth organizer and macro social worker, she loves the big picture and brings an interesting mix of experience to her work and community.