Alia Sharrief



Introducing Alia Sharrief, a Muslimah in Hiphop demanding respect on the mic while combatting stereotypes through her music. As a female emcee/vocalist, Alia holds firm in her modesty, dignity, and commonsense through her lyrics and overall representation. Refusing to blend in with the trends, Alia Sharrief stands boldly with a unique style, sound, and lyricism.

She was born and raised in Sacramento, CA and now resides in the Bay Area. Alia’s introduction to Hiphop was at the early age of 4 years old when she gave herself the name, “Homie C” and began a performance career that has evolved from local talent shows to international concert appearances.

Alia Sharrief is also very active in her community in a variety of different areas. She also has served as an ambassador for CAIR (Council on Islamic Relations) and has received a BA in communications/media and broadcasting. She also has been an associate producer for several shows on KPFA Pacifica Radio including the popular investigative news magazine “Flash Points.”In addition to her radio work, Alia has also directed and produced her own music videos and is always busy with a new project documenting current affairs. While functioning as a media consultant and journalist, it is her music that best defines her.

Alia Sharrief’s music has been featured in several articles and news blogs since the release of her debut album, “Mental Cycles and Mood Swings” in 2012. Since then she has performed all over California and even as far as Sri Lanka and New York City for the 40th Anniversary of the Universal Zulu Nation. Now she is working on her new album, “Back On My Deen” that takes the listener’s understanding of Hiphop and Islam to another level. “Back On My Deen” also addresses current dilemmas in Black America and her brand of “female Hiphop.” Stay tuned as Alia Sharrief makes moves to change the face of music and media towards a more positive and creative direction.

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