Aftab Malik


Change Makers

Former Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Ethnicity and Culture at the University of Birmingham and currently a designated Global Expert on Muslim affairs for the United Nations’ Alliance of Civilizations.

Professor John L. Esposito, one of the world’s pre-eminent scholars on the Muslim World, has called Aftab “a first rate scholar,” and the academic journal, The Muslim World Book Review, has called him “a rising intellectual star.”

During 2013 and 2014 he served as the Scholar in Residence at the Lebanese Muslim Association. During this time he delivered many public lectures, managed a portfolio of youth-based projects and initiated the Positive Intellect Program; an intensive five week course that provides the intellectual tools for young Muslims living in the West to navigate the tides and challenges of modernity.

Aftab has also published the hugely successful book The Broken Chain, which has since sold-out due its overwhelming popularity. The book focuses on the traditional transmission of Islamic knowledge and the central importance of classical scholarship.

Hear what he has to say about issues faced by Muslims in Australia in this radio interview with the ABC.