About Us

Welcome to Creative Ummah! The place where we’re sharing all that is good and positive being created by awesome Muslims.


Our Story

Creative Ummah was founded by Peter Gould, inspired by Khadija Annette and the Creativity & The Spiritual Path events which brought together leading creatives. Peter realised that this point of connection was missing online, leading to the creation of Creative Ummah.

The concept was further developed with the help of Reuben Brand, the co-founder and first editor of Creative Ummah. Starting off as an e-learning platform, Creative Ummah benefitted from the strategic development advice of Syed Ahmed who we saw as our stratup coach. Irfan Khairi also played a large role as our awesome international consultant. (Thanks guys!)

Since the early days, Creative Ummah has been dedicated to showcasing and celebrating the achievements and creativity of Muslims from all over the world.

Check out out directory of super cool Creatives and forward-thinking Change Makers, or Be Inspired by one of our articles.

Peter Gould
Peter Gould is a designer, creative entrepreneur and artist. He aims to illuminate, enrich and inspire people through beauty & positivity.
Reuben Brand
As a writer, illustrator and issue driven activist, Reuben has been fortunate enough to be part of many incredible projects around the globe.
Subhi Bora
Subhi loves all things design & psychology. Studio Manager at Gould.Sydney and Co-Creative at The Modest Bride, she also enjoys calligraphy