Aalia Rahman



Aalia graduated with a degree in Studio art with an emphasis in Painting and Graphic Design from Saint Louis University in May 2014. This allowed her to learn new techniques, switch her form of painting from realism to surrealistic expressionism, and increase the size of her canvas. Her concepts are based on ideas and emotions that do not have a specific image tagged with them, allowing her to paint a different image for the same idea whether it is a mental disorder, something outside this universe or something not seen every day.

She has painted concepts such as good vs. evil, miscarriage, and the workings of the mind. She has exhibited her artwork at art shows and exhibitions locally. Last year, she exhibited her artwork at the All India Contemporary art show in India and was published at their local e-zine. She was also published at the Scene360 Illusion magazine and earlier this year won the Award of Excellence at the 4th Biannual Competition at Four Points Contemporary. In the future, Aalia hopes to donate part of her profits to those in need, or to social justice causes across the country.

Through her other medium using Adobe softwares such as Illutrator, Photoshop, InDesign and a few others, Aalia attempts to create eye catching designs to please her clients and any customer that encounters her clients. She has created posters, tshirts and branding for organizations on and off campus. She believes that nature is not alone in making the world a beautiful place, rather technology too can be used to beautify the world we live in. Currently, Aalia works as a graphic design teacher for high school students while freelancing.

Besides artwork, Aalia writes poetry, attempts to skateboard and reads nonfiction.

Aalia was also one of the top five finalists in the Creative Ummah Community Challenge, her submission is below.

To learn more about Aalia’s work, please visit her page.