5 Times Muslims Owned the Internet


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1. When Aamer Rahman schooled EVERYONE on “reverse racism”


2. When Muslim women were casually hanging out somewhere in America


3. When Malala Yousafzai was the youngest person EVER to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize at just 17 years old

Here’s her exceptional acceptance speech:

If you don’t have 30-odd minutes to spare, here are a few highlights:

“Education is one of the blessings of life—and one of its necessities. That has been my experience during the 17 years of my life. In my paradise home, Swat, I always loved learning and discovering new things. I remember when my friends and I would decorate our hands with henna on special occasions. And instead of drawing flowers and patterns we would paint our hands with mathematical formulas and equations.”

“Leaders must seize this opportunity to guarantee a free, quality, primary and secondary education for every child. Some will say this is impractical, or too expensive, or too hard.  Or maybe even impossible.  But it is time the world thinks bigger.”

“Why is it that countries which we call strong are so powerful in creating wars but are so weak in bringing peace? Why is it that giving guns is so easy but giving books is so hard? Why is it, why is it that making tanks is so easy, but building schools is so hard?”

“Dear sisters and brothers, dear fellow children, we must work… not wait. Not just the politicians and the world leaders, we all need to contribute.  Me. You. We. It is our duty.”


4. When British Muslims walked (and danced) around being happy.

Because being happy is totally halal!


5. There was only one way to end this list …

Rafika Alami’s yearbook quote to end all yearbook quotes.

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