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Want to keep up to date with the movers and shakers of our amazing Ummah? Here is a small sample of just some of the awesome peeps out there tweeting the good stuff out to the world.

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf [@hamzayusuf]

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf is an American Islamic scholar. He is the President and Co-Founder of Zaytuna College, a teacher of classical Islam and continues to promote Islamic sciences and classical teaching methodologies throughout the world.



Zaid Shakir [@ImamZaidShakir]

Imam Zaid Shakir is an American Islamic Scholar. He is the Co-founder and Senior Faculty Member of Zaytuna College and continues to guide, enlighten and inspire thousands of people wordwide with his wisdom and spiritual insights.



Imam Afroz Ali [@alfroz]

Imam Afroz Ali is an Australian Islamic Scholar. He is the Managing Director and Senior Instructor at SeekersHub Global and continues to enlighten and empower all those around him.



Yasmin Mogahed [@YasminMogahed]

Yasmin is an instructor for Al-Maghrib Institute, a writer for the Huffington Post, an international speaker and author. Yasmin focuses most of her work on spiritual and personal development.



Alchemiya [@Alchemiya]

Alchemiya is a Video-on-Demand platform presenting the world’s best films & documentaries about Muslim life.



Mariam Veiszadeh [@MariamVeiszadeh]

Mariam is a Lawyer, Opinion Writer and Political Junkie, @Welcome2Aussie Ambassador, @IslamophobiaReg Founder.



Baba Ali [@babaali]

Baba Ali is a Video Blogger who works on a variety of different projects and isn’t afraid of speaking his mind and tackling taboo subjects.



Wage Beauty [@wagebeauty]

Wage Beauty, “We create experiences for human connection with the belief that love, beauty and belonging can transform the world.”



Muna AbuSulayman [@MunaAbuSulayman]

Muna is an information junkie, Co-host of MBC’s Kalam Nawa3em, mother, business leader and traveler. Day job: Strategic Philanthropy Adviser.



Usama Canon [@usamacanon]

Usama is the Founding Director of Ta’leef Collective, a community based non-profit focused on assisting converts to Islam and creating healthy social and sacred spaces.



Lydia Shelly [@lydia_shelly]

Lydia Shelly is a Lawyer and Community Advocate. Com Member @NSWCCL, VP @IslamophobiaReg, Principal @ShellyLegal. Law, Ethics, Human Rights and Civil Liberties.”



Productive Muslim [@AbuProductive]

Mohammed Faris (AKA Abu Productive) is an author, speaker and trainer on Productivity and Islam. He is the Founder and CEO Productive Muslim



Hasan Minhaj [@hasanminhaj]

Hasan describes himself as “Comedian. The Daily Show. Not related to Nicki.”



Ta’leef Collective [@taleef]

Ta’leef Collective provides the space, content & companionship necessary for a healthy understanding, embrace & realization of Islam.



Aamer Rahman [@aamer_rahman]

Aamer Rahman, “Standup comic who likes reading comics.”



Sara Saleh [@SaraSalehOz]

Sara is a passionate human rights and refugee advocate, a self proclaimed “overcaffeinated writer, performer and impactpreneur.” She has worked for @AmnestyOz, and is the @Rebooksau Co-Founder.



Baraka Blue [@BarakaBlue]

Baraka Blue, “Sending love, light & ancient wisdom through modern mediums via: music, poetry, workshops, retreats & classes.”



LaunchGood [@LaunchGood]

LaunchGood continues to be the premiere platform for crowdfunding incredible Muslims worldwide!



Noor Tagouri [@NTagouri]

Noor is a Journalist, Speaker and “Firebender.” Through her work, Noor aims to break normative stereotypes and encouraged others to tackle their own potential in a multi-cultural society.



Jonathan A.J. Wilson [@drjonwilson]

Dr Bilal Wilson is a Brand Czar, University of Greenwich Academic and Halal market Maestro who digs manga, matcha, maguro, afros, kendo, coffee, rugby, rendang, marzipan, and guitars.


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